My name is . . .

My name is Elizabeth and I am an alcoholic.  This blog serves as part of my recovery journey and is a key landmark on my road to recovery.

Someday, A woman you haven’t met yet will need to hear the story about how you never gave up hope.

This is a phrase that is very important to me in all aspects of my life.  I live each day reminding myself of this.  Hearing the stories of other recovering and suffering alcoholics is crucial for my sobriety and I jump at every chance to share my own story and learn from others.

At this point, I am still married to a wonderful man who I have lied to, hidden things from, treated badly, and been an overall horrible wife and partner to over the last several years.  How do I know I have been a horrible wife?  I know this, because I wasn’t always an alcoholic and I didn’t always let my drinking control my life.  I am also a mother to 5 children ages 4 through 15.  I have been a great mother w

ho enjoyed staying at home with all of them, running to dance and cheer practice, coaching soccer teams, playing at the park, sewing halloween costumes, and making crafts and treats.

I spent 10 years being a stay at home mom and during those 10 years my drinking snowballed into a level that was killing me and destroying my family.  Alcohol taught me how to be cruel, ungrateful, unkind.  Alcohol showed me how to ignore those who loved me and worshipped the ground I walked on while I was busy worshipping a drink that was slowly transforming a loving, caring wife and mother into an empty, hopeless shell.

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